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    How long to wait for FNDLIBR process to finish?


      This morning we have problems with our ICM. We found one FNDLIBR process running since yesterday, and five PROD.dbc processes, althought we run a cold backup every night.

      I've read in (Doc ID 1317901.1) that we have to wait until every FNDLIBR is terminated after running adstpall.sh script. How many time we have to wait? Do we have to kill those process after a certain time?

      And if we kill those processess the ICM will start cleanln?

      Thank you, very much.

      Silvina Legüero.

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          The concurrent manager processes usually exit within 5 minutes from issuing the shutdown command.

          You should wait for them but if there are still active processes after 10 minutes then you should check if there are any running requests that would not get terminated.

          I faced this issue many times and I'm sure it happens with our customers during cold backup process but in most cases the concurrent managers start normally afterwards.