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    EBS R12.2 - VISION have different table structure than CRP

      Hi all,


      Our functional consultant is complaining why she can process payment in our VISION instance while she gets error in our CRP instance


      -- Problem Statement:

      When making a quick payment receive form error “Documents payable of single payment request could not be inserted into database."


      -- Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Payables Responsibility

      2. Payments> Entry> Payments

      3. Find an invoice that has been Validated and Accounted and is ready for payment

      4. Click on “Actions” button, select “Pay in Full” check box and click on “OK”.

      5.The “Payments…Pay in Full” form will display.

      6. Fill in required data and “Save”.

      7. The error is thrown.


      Error found:


      ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("IBY"."IBY_DOCS_PAYABLE_ALL"."DOCUMENT_CURRENCY_CODE")

      IBY_DISBURSE_SUBMIT_PUB_PKG.insert_payreq_documents:IBY_DISBURSE_SUBMIT_PUB_PKG.insert_payreq_documents: While inserting document with Invoice Number : 1001 with Invoice ID : 12000



      I checked and  compared the table IBY_DOCS_PAYABLE_ALL for both our VISION and CRP instance, and I found out that they have different structures


      The table at VISION does not have these two columns DOCUMENT_CURRENCY_CODE and PAYMENT_CURRENCY_CODE, while in CRP the table has them.

      I also check their synonyms at APPS schema and they have the same structure, but they are referencing the VIEW> IBY_DOCS_PAYABLE_ALL#.


      How do I resolve these differences? Can I replace the table with the right structure?


      How do I audit of the tables that are not the same structure for our VISION and  CRP instance?


      Please help how to correct this issue.


      Thanks a lot,