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    SQL Dev 4.x User Interface Question


      Hi all,


      SQL Dev


      I just try the new SQL Dev 4.x and notice several UI changes here.

      1. Query Result background is turn to white instead of gray.

          How do I change it back to gray as before?

          Below image shows when the query produce no result.

          I prefer gray is more suitable for background displaying Query Result than white.

          02 - Grid No Result.png


           We can see the difference here for displaying Popup Describe, there is some inconsistency.

           The background in Columns tab below show gray over white.

         01 - Grid Result.png


      2. Code Editor - Change case as you type.

          When I select None, SQL Dev still changes the code into upper case format. The upper case also effect to the code completion (Ctrl + Space) drop down list as well.

          Giving tick nor untick seems does not change the behavior on selected case as well.

          Is it a bug?


      3. Database - Worksheet

          Grid in checker board or Zebra pattern is an interesting feature.

          How do I change the color behavior for this?

          Instead of Yellow - Gray, can I change the color into White - soft Blue for instance?

          Based on example on Excel or other SQL Client tools, one of the row should be white and the other is non-white.


          And also, why make the even column to be darker than the odd column?

          Can I choose same color for both odd and even column?


      4. Pinning the Result Grid using Shortcut.

          Ctrl + I from Worksheet does not Pin the current query result.

          Ctrl + I (Pin) works only when we select one of the column in Query Result.

          Is it a bug?





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          Vadim Tropashko-Oracle

          Can you please clarify bullet #2?




          create or replace PROCEDURE add_job_history

            (  p_emp_id          job_history.employee_id%type



            i integer;



          I type "p" in lower case, and it remains lower case after I enter new line.


          Then I hit <ctrl-space> after "p" and it prompts p_emp_id in lower case.


          The upper case suggestions come from dictionary. For example, if you prompt


          select * from <ctrl-space>


          then on the list of suggestions EMPLOYEES and some such would be in upper case, because completion insight blindly follows the directive not to change the case!

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            3 - enhancement request


            4 - only valid when the grid has focus

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              2. I use the previous SQL Dev 3.1 and notice the difference

                   "The upper case suggestions come from dictionary."

                  In 3.1, change case as you type (None) defaults the result to lower case, now it use the correct uppercase which comes from the Database dictionary.


                  How about this one? change case as you type (None) even the keyword is default to uppercase?

                  select * fr<ctrl-space>



              3. OK

              4. Have you tried the Shortcut Pin yourself?

                  When the grid has focus (i.e in one of the colum there), using Ctrl + I would cause the result grid column turn into write mode, well obviously it is read-only grid.

                  But from the UI perspective, don't you think that it is weird.

                  The second thing comes to my mind is clicking the grid to focus requires us to use mouse.

                  Isn't nicer to use Ctrl + I from worksheet and make the Query Result underneath to be pinned?


                  And one more thing, I want to change the grid Pin shortcut key but could not find in anywhere in the Shortcut Keys setting.

                  Can you show me how to do so?





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                you can keyboard from the SQL worksheet down to the results grid, ctrl+tab

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                  Ctrl + tab does work to move to Query Result tab, not the grid itself.

                  I can use arrows key to move in between Query Result 1, 2 or 3 but Ctrl + I still not do the Pinning.

                  Note that to have Query Result 2 and 3, I had to manually click on the Pin icon using mouse first.

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                    then tab again


                    focus is now on the push pin


                    spacebar to pin it


                    Or pin everything by default and pick up the mouse only when you want to close things...

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                      Nah..., pin everything would cause more and more mouse using just for daily basis SQL query.


                      In my SQL Dev

                      1. Execute query

                      2. Ctrl + tab

                      3. Tab once again --> now the focus is on SQL button on grid, pressing spacebar will show the current SQL that has been executed

                      4. Ctrl + I --> this where the Pinning does happen

                      5. Press shift + tab twice to go back to the Worksheet


                      Not so good for user experience having to do so many keystrokes just to do simple things.

                      Well, obviously simplicity would be scarce for this tools.


                      Thanks anyway.

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                        simplicity and complexity can go hand in hand sometimes. there's a lot to tab around


                        when i was testing this yesterday, I was on my mac, and on version 4.1 - not sure if that's different behavior than 4.0 on Windows


                        sometimes just using the mouse is easier