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    Oracle REST Data Services 3.0 setup not working


      CentOS 6.6

      Tomcat 8.0.22

      Oracle XE 11gR2

      Oracle REST Data Services 3.0



      Can't get ORDS 3.0 (ords.war) to work with Tomcat 8.  Get 404 error.

      Used ORDS 2.0 previously and it did work fine.

      I'm looking at the instructions for ORDS 3.0 and all I can say is -- confusing!

      I was trying to create an ords.war file then deploy to Tomcat.

      When I created/configured the ords.war file the process seems to start ORDS in standalone mode ( java -jar ords.war install advance ).

      Can someone please put into simple steps how to create and deploy a WAR file that I can deploy to Tomcat?

      (Something like it used to be back in the APEX Listener days -- see below, this is not what I did but generally how simple it was with the APEX Listener):


      java -jar setup apex.war

      deploy apex.war to Tomcat

      (repeat for i.war)