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    Changing the value from a session variable



      I have a session variable "IntCompany" defined (with an initial value) in the administration tool (RPD).

      That variable specifies from which company the end-user will see the data.


      My question is as following :

      I would like to give the end-user the option to change the value of that session variable (e.g. by means of a prompt). Is that possible ?

      In that way the end-user can decide, when he is looking at reports, for which company he would like to see the report (e.g. for company no 1, 2 or 3).


      Is that possible ?



      Patrick De Weyer


      Remark : in the administration tool by the definition of the session variable "IntCompany" I saw a checkbox "Enable any user to set the value". I have checked this checkbox but what's the result/meaning of that checkbox ?