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    Cloning EBS R12.2

      Hi all,


      EBS R12.2

      RHEL 6.6


      I am cloning our  EBS R12.2 on RHEL 6.6


      Global inventory loc = /etc/oraInst.loc

      Log: /u01/oraInventory/logs/install2015-05-23_04-13-51AM.log


      The entry point is: oracle.installType.all

      Check Name:CertifiedVersions

      Check Description:This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the Oracle software is certified on the current O/S or not.

      Expected result: One of oracle-6,oracle-5.8,oracle-5.7,oracle-5.6,enterprise-5.4,enterprise-4,enterprise-5,redhat-5.4,redhat-4,redhat-5,SuSE-10,SuSE-11

      Actual Result: redhat-6.6

      Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<


      But it will not pass the pre-requisite validation becase RHEL 6.6 is not in the list. How do I add this version ?

      I know I done it before but I forgot the file to edit


      Please help...


      Thank a lot,


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          I got similar issue with this post, and she said it was solved using MOS Doc -1588970.1


          But I do not know where the xml file is located


          Please help....



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            J. Darwish



            Kindly check in the below:



            Hope this helps,

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              Thanks JD,


              Oh I forgot to inform that...I successfully cloned the database.


              And my issue is the Apps tier cloning. I know I encountered it before and I remember put the redhat 6.6 in the list, or something like ignore pre-reqs?


              Thanks alot.

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                Search for it:


                find $/u02/appvis/VIS -name refhost.xml




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                  Please do not forget to read the title of this community.

                  It has ZERO, NADA, NOTHING to do with Oracle *Database*.



                  Sybrand Bakker

                  Senior Oracle DBA

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                    Opps sorry, I thought I defualted my post to > General EBS discussion


                    Thats why Im surprized you came here dear


                    Updated to the right forum location....




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                      Hi Bashar,


                      I got many hits   Which one should I edit? and How do I edit the xml to include my redhat version? Thanks.


                      VIS]# find . -name refhost.xml -print




















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                        Try this one:






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                          Thanks Bashar,


                          How do I put the version? Below is the contents of the xml.


                                        <PROPERTY NAME="softnofiles" VALUE="4096"/>




                                <VERSION VALUE="5.4"/>

                                <ARCHITECTURE VALUE="x86"/>

                                <NAME VALUE="Linux"/>

                                <VENDOR VALUE="redhat"/>

                                <GLIBC ATLEAST="2.5-12">



                                        <PACKAGE NAME="binutils" VERSION="" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="compat-libstdc++-33" VERSION="3.2.3" ARCHITECTURE="x86_64" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="compat-libstdc++-33" VERSION="3.2.3" ARCHITECTURE="i386" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="elfutils-libelf" VERSION="0.125" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="elfutils-libelf-devel" VERSION="0.125" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="gcc" VERSION="4.1.1" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="gcc-c++" VERSION="4.1.1" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="glibc" VERSION="2.5-12" ARCHITECTURE="x86_64" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="glibc" VERSION="2.5-12" ARCHITECTURE="i686" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="glibc-common" VERSION="2.5" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="glibc-devel" VERSION="2.5" ARCHITECTURE="x86_64" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="glibc-devel" VERSION="2.5-12" ARCHITECTURE="i386" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libaio" VERSION="0.3.106" ARCHITECTURE="x86_64" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libaio" VERSION="0.3.106" ARCHITECTURE="i386" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libaio-devel" VERSION="0.3.106" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libgcc" VERSION="4.1.1" ARCHITECTURE="x86_64" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libgcc" VERSION="4.1.1" ARCHITECTURE="i386" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libstdc++" VERSION="4.1.1" ARCHITECTURE="x86_64" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libstdc++" VERSION="4.1.1" ARCHITECTURE="i386" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="libstdc++-devel" VERSION="4.1.1" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="make" VERSION="3.81" />

                                        <PACKAGE NAME="sysstat" VERSION="7.0.0" />




                                        <PROPERTY NAME="semmsl" NAME2="semmsl2" VALUE="250" />

                                        <PROPERTY NAME="semmns" VALUE="32000" />

                                        <PROPERTY NAME="semopm" VALUE="100" />

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                            Change the 5th line from

                            <VERSION VALUE="5.4"/>




                            <VERSION VALUE="6.6"/>




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                              Thanks Bashar,


                              But it will check for the packages under which are not existing in 6.6 , and some packages are not found and FAILED.


                              I tried to remove the packages under it , so it will not validate any package, but I still have this error:



                              Summary : 0 requirements failed, 1 requirements to be verified.

                              ERROR: Below pre-req checks are to be verified

                              ERROR : Check Name : Packages



                              Please help....



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                                Hi Bashar and all,


                                Issue resolved by retaining at least one liner PACKAGE that is valid or existing