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    Initial Connection definition in Stateless EJB


      Hi All,

         Instead of database, I connect to Microsoft CRM for fetch records. The connectivity is complex and has a security layer which exchanges token with the calling client. I used Apache CXF to get past the CRM's security implementation.

        Next I use the CRM's exposed API to retrieve the entities. I want to create a stateless session EJB which contains method to retrieve different entities.


      I could have a method like



      public List<OrderEntity> getAllOrders() {

      QueryBuilder qb = new DispatchGridQueryBuilder();


              QueryExpression query = qb.getQuery();

              EntityCollection result = port.retrieveMultiple(query);

              List<Entity> entities = result.getEntities().getEntities();

      return entities;



      The security tokens are exchanged when a call is made to the OrganizationService in the below code


      URL wsdlLocation = new URL(


              SpringBusFactory factory = new SpringBusFactory();

              Bus bus = factory.createBus("/META-INF/spring/app-context.xml");





              OrganizationService service = new OrganizationService(wsdlLocation);

              IOrganizationService port = service



      I am not sure where to put this initialization code which is required each time a session EJB methods is invoked as it contains reference to port.  Please suggest if there is a pattern to address this or how to go about this.


      Thanks in advance.