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    First Party OAuth in REST 3.0


      I'm in the process of developing REST APIs to be used in a Mobile App.

      I do not want to support 3rd part OAUTH, I want to go for First Party OAUTH



      - User supplies username/password.

      - Mobile App calls a REST API to login and recieves a Token on successful login.

      - The Mobile App then calls successive REST APIs and keeps passing the Token in

        the request header.


      I can only find the REST 2.0 Development Guide which talks about only supporting

      a custom Apex-Session request header for First Party authentication and not user

      name password.


      On another front, I want to be able to intercept the REST PLSQL Procedures to

      pass some application context that needs to be reinstated on every call similar

      to apps_initialize in E-Business Suite if you are familiar with that. Is there

      a way to have pre-processing for procedure call where I can get information from

      the request header and then set this kind of context?