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    SQL Developer v 4.1 - Freeze/ No response after clicking Add Connection


      I downloaded JDK 8 and then unzipped using these instructions (java - How can I get the latest JRE / JDK as a zip file rather than EXE or MSI installer? - Stack Overflow)

      I downloaded SQL Developer v 4.1 and unzipped it and then clicked on sqldeveloper.exe, and gave the JDK path.

      Window opened up. I tried adding a DB connection by clicking on the green Plus + symbol. The window freezes after about 15 seconds, and then there is no response. I then have to kill using the Task manager.

      If i dont click on the + Connection, then the window works ok  - as in I can click on the menus, check for updates etc. The moment I click on + Connection, the window freezes. Attempted multiple times with the same behaviour.

      Has anyone else experienced the same ?  Any fixes ?


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