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    Debug .Net Stored Procedures - Extproc process is always shutdown after execution, cannot attach


      I'm unable to remote debug the extproc process for stored .Net procedures I created.


      It actually looks like there are two instances of the extproc process on the machine:

      1. extproc, this gets spawned when I start the according CLRAgent service, it is kept alive but does not seem to handle CLR processes

      2. exproc, this process gets created when a CLR stored procedure is executed and then immediantly terminated after execution. I think this is the actual process I need to attach to, however, I can't since it's self shutting down...


      I've tried with both settings for "RecreateAppDomain" in the registry, neithor 0 nor 1 will change the behaviour here.


      Is there some other configuration I need to to?



      I found out that this is only true for requests that come through the ORDS service, if I execute a .Net stored procedure from SQLDeveloper, the extproc process stays alive.