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    Multiple hierarchies on same dimension



      i've a dimension Product on which i have built following hierarchy:






      ----Supply Chain


      ------Parent Brand




      and it's ok


      Hierarchy is based on physical table TPROD_TDB.


      Now, the customer has required to split this hierarchy in 2 distinct hierarchies:


      1) Total

         Parent Brand

         - Brand


      2) Total

          Supply Chain


      is it possible? I know that in Oracle 11g isn't possible to create multiple hierarchies on same dimension. As workaround i created two alias, but when i create a key for the level, in combobox the filed doesn't appear.

      In addition my requirement is to create a pivot table with 3 columns: Parent Brand Hierarchy, Supply Chain Hierarchy and a measure. But again analytics says that isn't possible to drag and drop hierarchies based on the same dimension.

      Finally i tried with selection steps, discarding all levels i don't want, but when i see the report the hierarchy levels are all exploded and not collapsed, and the customer does'nt want that.


      Can you help me?