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    SQL editor code templates different behavior?

    Marcel Hoefs

      Why is ctrl-space not replacing my SQL editor code templates anymore with the defined code in SQL Developer 4.1? This used to work just fine in 4.0.3, but in 4.1 instead of replacing e.g. ssf with "select * from table" it is just showing me a list with all the possible matches. Of course I can then select the correct code fragment but this requires an extra mouse action.

      It occurred to me that if the list of possible matches contains only 1, then ctrl-space works. So this seems to be the difference with version 4.0.3


      Still it seems reasonable that if there is 1 exact match in the list when you press ctrl-space that instead of showing just the list of all possible choices SQL Developer should just select the exact match.


      Regards, Marcel.