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    How to know whether R12.2.4 adop patch is not hanged ?

    Mohammed Abdul Muqeet

      Dear  Experts,


      I am currently preparing my CRP Instance. I did the installation of EBS R12.2.0 and performing my upgrade to R12.2.4.  I have applied all the patches required for before R12.2.4 upgrade patch. Now i am in process of executing the patch 17919161.  I have executed this patch in the morning 11:30 AM now it is 11:20PM India time almost 12 hours have passed I have noticed that the screen is not moving.  when is checked the status adop -status it is giving me the following message.


      [appl8000 appl]$ adop -status


      Enter the APPS password:



      ADOP (C.Delta.6)

      Session Id: 2

      Command: status

      Output: /app/u01/d02/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/status_20150528_174639/adzdshowstatus.out



      Node Name       Node Type  Phase Status Started Finished      Elapsed

      --------------- ---------- --------------- --------------- -------------------- -------------------- ------------

      ghorizon master APPLY RUNNING         2015/05/27 17:48:25 2015/05/27 18:51:28  1:03:03






      File System Synchronization Type: None






      adop exiting with status = 0 (Success)

      [appl8000@gn appl]$



      How to know whether my patch is running or not ?



      Mohammed Abdul Muqeet

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          Check the running jobs using AD Controller (adctrl).

          If the running jobs are Java related and the number of workers is high (more than 20 or 30) then you might have hit a memory limit.

          One way to fix that is to restart the adop session from scratch (after killing any hanging processes) and specify a lower number of workers:

          restart=no abdandon=yes workers=16




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            To find, your patch is hung or not, you need to identify the current running jobs. Perform following steps


            1. adctrl  to find the status of jobs and find the running jobs and which worker is running it.....

            2. Mostly it will be stuck on one Job, find the worker running it and open worker log file to find details....

            3. Using ACTIVE DB sessions, try to link running job with database session and check if that DB session is doing anything or not

            4. If no activities then you can kill the session and restart same job from adctrl


            If you have no time for root cause, then you can stop the patch and restart as mentioned by Bashar.