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    SQL difference between Answers vs Dashboards


      Hi Experts,


      Just wanted to pick your brains about this issue that I am having with a report/dashboard.


      When I run this report in Answers, it works fine and returns data. When I take the same request and add it to a dashboard, I get in an ora-01843 invalid month error message.


      I pass two dates, startdate and enddate  (both in MM/DD/YYYY format) in the prompts to the request. When i run the request in answers, the dates already have a default date set to them.


      One of the interesting things i found while investigating this issue is the format of the dates is different in answers vs the dashboard in the SQL generated.


      What would be causing this? Refer to the image below that shows the working sql vs non working sql.


      This is on Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build 130303.2025 64-bit) running on Linux