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    Data points in time-based analysis




      We have a subject area to measure metrics of a consultant, like no. of hours, billing rate etc based on the timecards he/she enters into the system. So, a data entry is logged into source system which in  turn is transferred(ETL) into warehouse during daily loads we run against source system.


      My client is interested in performing trending analysis of metrics like no. of hours, productivity of a consultant etc in his graphs. So, when he comes up with a line chart/bar graph, the graph will appear only for period where there are data points. For e.g., we only get to see periods(Jan, April etc.) in the graph if time-entry is made for the corresponding month but the requirement is to have all time periods(Jan, Feb, Mar..) irrespective of presence of timecards.


      I tried using full outer join between fact and time dimension but it did not work. Is it even possible to achieve this because we actually are asking system to get data where there is no data actually.


      Is there any way in OBIEE, specially for time-based analysis, we can fetch all periods irrespective of whether data points exist against the specific period.


      Thank You.