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    node name appears as fqdn in internal concurrent manager


      Dear All,


      After cloning, r12.1.3.

      Node name appears as fqdn in internal  concurrent manager, and also other cm's not starting ( Target node/queue unavailable shows in description)


      In the internal manager log it shows as.


      An error occurred while attempting to establish an Applications File Server connection with the node FNDFS_Test. There may be a network configuration problem, or the TNS listener on node FNDFS_Test may not be running. Please contact your system administrator.


      I checked the hosts files its correct.

      stopped cm


      ran autoconfig on both nodes.

      but it didn't helped.


      tried updating node_name, target _node


      update fnd_concurrent_queues set node_name='TESTHOST';

      update fnd_concurrent_queues set target_node='TESTHOST';



      still didn't helped. Please suggest if anything else could be done.




      apps r12.1.3.