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    SSL certificate support for EBS R12.1.3


      We are using EBS R12.1.3 with Oracle application server 10.1.3 Our forms signing certificate (JAR files) is SHA1. we heard that Oracle is not going to support the SHA1 certification or renew. Here is some of the related docs..

      Currently there is no support for SHA2 certificates (SHA256 or SHA512) or algorithms in either Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.2.X.X/10.1.3.X.X)
      For Fusion Middleware 11g (11.1.1.X) SHA2 is certified with caveats.


      Please let us know what is the SSL certification strategy for Oracle EBS R12.1.3.. is there any tech stack upgrade/proactive steps  for Oracle Application server 10g (10.1.2/10.1.3) to work with SSL?