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    The tax defaults options didn't work in AutoCreate Documents window for Purchase Order?!


      Dear Sirs,


           The Oracle Purchasing User's Guide mention about that, tax defaults options should be worked at AutoCreate Documents window.



          Defining Tax Defaults Options

           The tax defaults you select in this window are used in the following windows and processes in Purchasing:

           •Purchase order line shipments created by the AutoCreate Documents window



           After setting up the tax defaults options, created the Purchase Order from Purchase Requisition using AutoCreate Documents window.

           The new Purchase Order didn't use the Tax Defaults Options (1. Supplier-Site, 2. Suppllier, 3. Item...) and still used the tax of Purchase Requisition.

           My steps are as follows,

           1. Setup the Tax Defaults Options. (Purchase Order Module --> Setup --> Organizations --> Purchasing Options --> Tax Defults)

                1.1. Supplier-Site Tax (17%)

                1.2. Supplier Tax (0%)

                1.3. Item (0%)

                1.4. Purchase Requisition (Null)

           2. Open the AutoCreate Window, and find a new Purchase Requisition.

           3. Select the Create Action, and click the Automatic Button.

           4. Select the Supplier / Supplier Site / Source, and click the Create Button.

           5. Open the Purchase Order Window and click the Shipments Button, then find the tax column(Null).

           According to the User's Guide, it should be change from (Null) to (17%).

           But it looks like NOT!!

           Did I misunderstand anyting?!

           Thanks for your responses!

           Henry, 2015/06/02