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    Skip intersection check per line item


      Hi everyone


      I am looking to customise the intersection check section of FDM. Specifically, I would like to skip the check for each line item that is associated with a specific entity. Is there a way to skip the validation if it comes across that entity (like toggling the intersection check option) but keeping it active for all other line items?

      If there is a way I assume it would have to be addressed in the CHECKINTERSECTIONS section of the Action scripts.


      Any help is greatly appreciated




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          If you were to do it it would be done in the check intersections but not having that script in front of me I can't remember how it works and whether it is possible. That said, in general, modifying Action scripts should be a last resort as any changes to these components will invalidate any support agreement you may have with Oracle. There are alternative ways you could approach this, have you thought about, for example ... splitting the load of the file contents across 2 locations i.e. one location for the data and one for the parent level line item detail where one location has the intersection check on and the other doesn't

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            Hi there


            the relevant section in the CHECKINTERSECTION script sits here:


               'Execute new XML intersection check

               Set objHWReturn = API.IntBlockMgr.IntegrationMgr.PobjIntegrate.varCon.fIntersectionCheckXML(vaList, CStr(strTCat), CStr(strTPer(0)), CStr(strTargYear), CStr(strView), arrDataValue, CStr(strFile), CStr(strWebServer), bolSSL, CStr(strAcct), CStr(strEnt), CStr(strICP), CStr(strUD1), CStr(strUD2), CStr(strUD3), CStr(strUD4), CInt(i), CInt(pc))


               'CHECK IF IsError and Check Error Code 100 (Global Dim issue. exit for)

               If objHWReturn.PlngErrCode = 100 Then

                blnIsErr = RES.FDMTrue

                strFile = objHWReturn.PstrErrFile

                Exit For

               End If


               If objHWReturn.PblnIsErr Then

                 '!*** this is where I would like to use an IF function to deactivate error trapping if custom4 equals 'TotalData' ***!

                 blnIsErr = objHWReturn.PblnIsErr

               End If


            Basically I need the syntax to identify line items that have the above member. Is this thr right place or can I only deactivate validation as a whole here?

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              on your second pint: is this not a global setting? I might be able to spread this across two locations but how do I keep the intersection check toggled for one?

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                It is a global setting but could code simply put a location check at the start of the CHECKINTERSECTIONS step that would exit the script with a success criteria if the chosen location was the one being used to load Line Item details.