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    Deploying 12.2.4 application: Could not load application

    Dorian Medina

      Hi All


      I was facing error: "oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Could not load application module" and the solution was to bounce web server, but the documentation doesn't talk about bouncing...


      I followed the next steps to deploy my app:



      1. Copy files at $JAVA_TOP/xxcompany  (We use the stantard recomendation)

      2. Change privileges: chmod -R 775 $JAVA_TOP/xxcompany

      3. Run "adcgnjar" utility: adcgnjar

      4. Import OAF pages to MDS: java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.XMLImporter $JAVA_TOP/xxcompany/oracle/apps/xbol/TimeCard/security/webui/LoginPG.xml -username apps -password apps -dbconnection "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL" -rootdir $JAVA_TOP

      5. Edit the file “$APPL_TOP_NE/ad/custom/adop_sync.drv”. Add the following entry in the section marked by the '#Begin Customization' and '#End Customization' comments

      rsync -zr %s_current_base%/EBSapps/comn/java/classes/xgsg %s_other_base%/EBSapps/comn/java/classes



      At this point doc says that it must work... but not! oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Could not load application module

      We bounce web server and everything worked!!!


      We missed something?


      But the aditional question is about "adop" the doc says: a) execute "adop phase=prepare" before step 1, and, b) execute "adop phase=cutover" after step 5.

      My DBA says it isn't necesary (and he was right because bounce was enough).



      So... Why the doc says: execute adop?


      Some suggestions?? ocol, DilipG, Fernando Barros-Oracle, aJohny