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    EBS login page can't access

    Luis Brieva



      I alredy installed EBS VISION demo, and all of the services all up and running, but I can't access to login page.





      ./adstral.sh output:




      All enabled services for this node are started.


      adstrtal.sh: Exiting with status 0


      adstrtal.sh: check the logfile /d01/oracle/app/VIS/fs1/inst/apps/VIS_ebs122/logs/appl/admin/log/adstrtal.log for more information ...





      [Service Control Execution Report]

      The report format is:

        <Service Group>            <Service>                              <Script>                   <Status>



        Root Service                                                                                 Enabled

        Root Service               NodeManager                            adnodemgrctl.sh            Started

        Web Administration                                                                           Enabled

        Web Administration         AdminServer                            adadminsrvctl.sh           Started

        Web Administration         OracleTNSListenerAPPS_VIS_ebs122       adalnctl.sh                Started

        Web Entry Point Services                                                                     Enabled

        Web Entry Point Services   Oracle HTTP Server VIS_ebs122          adapcctl.sh                Started

        Web Entry Point Services   Oracle Process Manager for VIS_ebs122  adopmnctl.sh               Started

        Web Application Services                                                                     Enabled

        Web Application Services   oacore_server1                         admanagedsrvctl.sh         Started

        Web Application Services   forms_server1                          admanagedsrvctl.sh         Started

        Web Application Services   oafm_server1                           admanagedsrvctl.sh         Started

        Web Application Services   forms-c4ws_server1                     admanagedsrvctl.sh         Started

        Batch Processing Services                                                                    Enabled

        Batch Processing Services  OracleConcMgrVIS_ebs122                adcmctl.sh                 Started

        Batch Processing Services  Oracle ICSM VIS_ebs122                 ieoicsm.sh                 Disabled

        Batch Processing Services  Oracle Fulfillment Server VIS_ebs122   jtffmctl.sh                Started

        Other Services                                                                               Disabled

        Other Services             OracleFormsServer-Forms VIS_ebs122     adformsrvctl.sh            Disabled

        Other Services             Oracle MWA Service VIS_ebs122          mwactlwrpr.sh              Disabled



      Any help?