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    EBS R12 12.0.6, How should the optimal SGA size calculated


      Hi guys


      I'm not a qualified DBA, however learning DBA activities. 6 years back when we implemented EBS R12, our DBA setup 2G as the SGA and the max size was also set as 2G. We had total 16G memory, 16G SWAP and almost 45 users always accessing the system (sales + purchase) and another 100 users accessing the system as and when required.


      Later as the we felt a pinch with the application, based on a sizing made by external party, switched the physical server, that one with 32G memory, Octa Core processors etc.


      What I noticed was, the SGA size was never resized based on the increased hardware resource availabilities (more memory).


      So am eager to know how a DBA determines the optimal SGA size based on available memory & concurrent users


      We are on RHEL 5, 64Bit