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    How to start ManagedServer in weblogic


      Hello to all experts,


      Good day.@


      Issue: I cannot start the Managed Servers through Weblogic Console



      1. Installation of Weblogic - completed

      2. Already run the following files




           ./opmnctl startall

      3. Open the weblogic console  - which is working


      4. Server


      Navigation : Environment > Servers


      ServerMachineStateStatus of Last Action
      AdminServer(admin) RUNNINGNone
      ManagedServer_1    Machine_1SHUTDOWNNone



      -- I also tried to click the Start button under Control tab to startup the managed server, unfortunately I encounter this message

                "For server ManagedServer_1, the Node Manager associated with Machine_1 is not reachable."


      Please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.