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    R12.2.2 checkDBpatch.sh failed : Please verify if the xml file is correct and retry




      I'm applying R12.AD.C.Delta.6 and R12.TXK.C.Delta.6 with the help of Doc ID 1617461.1

      And Installing ETCC Patch 17537119 where while installing using checkDBpatch.sh im getting below error.


      [oracle@dbserver dbcheck]$ ./checkDBpatch.sh contextfile=/home/oracle/r122/11.2.0/appsutil/VIS122_dbserver.xml



      |    Copyright (c) 2005, 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates.     |

      |                     All rights reserved.                      |

      |               EBS Technology Codelevel Checker                |



      Executing Technology Codelevel Checker version: 120.24


      Bugfix XML file version: 120.0.12020000.23


      Proceeding with the checks...


      Getting the database release ...

      Setting database release to


      DB connectivity successful.


      Table to store Technology Codelevel Checker results exists in the database.


      STARTED Pre-req Patch Testing : Thu Jun  4 14:30:54 IST 2015


      Log file for this session : ./checkDBpatch_10315.log


      Not able to get the list of bug fixes from ./txk_R1220_DB_base_bugs.xml for database version

      Please verify if the xml file is correct and retry.


      >>> Checked the Log file and contents are the same.


      Could you please help me this !