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    Purchasing - Order revisions and Change Order - copy/add


      Hello community!



      I would like to know how to setup revisions and changes on purchase orders considering below requirements:



      - Purchase order are linked to business projects that might be realised over 5 years., In those orders, there are several items but also some SERVICES that are acutally used as items.

      Our process is to make sure nothing is ordered with an approbation of the project manager. But also when a quantity must be updated (decreased or increased).


      Approved changes must be printed and sent to the supplier who must clearly see what has changed/been updated (especially qty decr/inc.)


      Those updates can also happen on PO lines partially received. Again, how to make the print to the supplier crystal clear for him?? How to decrease/icrease a quantity?


      Job cost is implemented and must be up-to-date compared to what has been changed/revised in the purchase order....


      Thanks in advance for your support on this!!!