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    installing ORDS 3.0 on Windows server 2012




      having issues installing the ORDS 3.0 on a Windows2012 Server and I wonder if somebody who has managed to do it would help me.

      I have tried to follow the installation steps documented in  Home / Database / Oracle REST Data Services Documentation, Release 3.0 / REST Data Services Installation, Configuration, and Development Guide



      Currently I'm at a point where when I start the ORDS with java -jar ords.war, it informs that all is ok, e.g. apex is correctly configured. Same with apex_pu.


      Then issuing http://localhost:8080/ords/ the browser displays 404 - Not Found and in the ORDS log window is an error SEVERE: ORA-00980: Synonym Translation is no longer valid.

      ORA-06512 at SYS.DBMS_UTILITY, line 156.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled ORDS several times using both simple and advanced installation options.

      The database I'm using is Oracle 12c EE (


      Would appreciate if someone would have, simple and clear installation instructions or any idea how to resolve this.