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    Migrating EBS 11i Data to EBS 12.2.4


      Hi all,


      EBS 12.2.4

      RHEL 6.5


      We want to migrate our EBS 11i  to EBS 12.2.4. Can you please help what is the right procedure to migrate data?

      For example in the GL schema/tables in 11i , supposing our functional has done setup of GL module in R12.2.4.

      How to I extract the tables in GL schema in 11i database and load it in GL schema  in R12.2.4 database?

      Is it possible that the data loader itself will be the one to setup the GL module in R12.2.4 based on the setup data extracted from 11i database?

      Is it possible to copy the setup in 11i and populate it on R12.2.4?

      Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.