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    ODI fails to load Commitment Budget Calendar on W_GL_OTHER_F


      When running BIAPPS I found that the BUDGET_MCAL_CAL_WID nor the BUDGET_PERIOD_WID columns get loaded despite that the BUDGET_WID column has the right entry. Upon inspection I found that the ETL is using the PS_CAL_DETP_TBL Peoplesoft table to get the calendar data. The functional team defined the FISCAL YEAR calendar in the PS_CAL_DEFN_TBL and in the PS_CAL_BP_TBL but not in the PS_CAL_DETP_TBL.

      It's this last table that ODI uses to determine fetch the budget calendar details.


      The functional team does not deem the DETP table as necessary but the ODI needs it to load OBAW.


      What should be done other than modifying the ODI code.