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    Oracle EBS R21.1 Migration Help

    Haytham Mostafa

      Hello experts,


      I need your solid recommendation about a migration task (from local server to cloud) I am involving with it.


      # Current Environment (Source):

      - Application version:12.1.1

      - Database version & release:

      - Technical architecture: Multi Node (APPS Server + Database Server) 

      - Operating system: AIX 6.1

      - Database size: 700 GB

      - Application & Database upgrade required after the migration: Yes (APPS  to 12.1.3 - DB to


      # New Environment (Destination): Cloud

      - New Operating system: Oracle Linux 5.10

      The issue with the customer is he want to migrate the system without the data (700 GB) because he thought that the system can migrate as a structure without the data so this will reduce the cloud cost to him, I know that this is not make sense and this is not a migration it seems more a fresh installation.


      The support which I need it, is there any Oracle document, any note, any article or solid technical opinion support my recommendation.

      Many thanks