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    Oracle AME not generating Ad hoc approval chain


      Hey Gurus,


      We have a requirement to introduce new adhoc approval chain in the system, I mean system should ignore the current approval chain and follow a new approval chain using AME.


      Lets say, for a given Invoice the default approvers generated by system are:

                A--> B --> C


      Now I want the system to follow below chain:

                X--> Y --> Z


      I am using below code to achieve this but errors. Please advise on how to fix this.

        l_approverIn ame_util.approverrecord2;

        l_approverIn.name              := 'X';
        l_approverIn.action_type_id    := ame_util.nullInsertionActionTypeId;
        l_approverIn.group_or_chain_id := ame_util.nullInsertionGroupOrChainId;


        ame_api2.setFirstAuthorityApprover(applicationIdIn      => 200,
                                           transactionTypeIn    => 'APINV',
                                           transactionIdIn      => 123123,
                                           approverIn           => l_approverIn,
                                           clearChainStatusYNIn => ame_util.booleanTrue);



      Error Message: ORA-20321: First authority can be set only for chain-of-authority action types. Ensure that approver's action type is chain-of-authority action types.


      Thanks in advance.