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"unable to dispatch to requested page" error

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We have a basic JSTL/Struts application (mainly JSTL in pages, Struts for flow control) deployed under Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g; the webapp is configured as EE 2.3/JSP 1.2. Periodically, JSP pages fail to display: about the third or fourth screen into the app, the browser will display a generic HTTP 500 error screen (this behavior is consistent--but the affected screens do not differ significantly from the prior screens that do not fail). Rather irritatingly, neither the application nor the server provides any informative error messages: the only error message that appears in the logs is (with no further stack trace given):
06/03/16 14:17:29 webapp: JspServlet: unable to dispatch to requested page: Exception:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/jsp/SkipPageException

Interestingly, modifying the crashing page (often as simply as adding/deleting a comment) and redeploying will cause the page to display correctly--and then the next page in sequence crashes.

And naturally, the application runs without errors in the embedded OC4J in JDeveloper (10G--10.1.3.x).

Any ideas or suggestions?