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    SQL Developer: How to disable all constraints of all objects


      In SQL Developer v1.5.5, I've had a connection made to an Oracle 11g DBR2 schema.

      My aim was to disable all types of constraints created on all objects of this schema.

      For this activity, when i expanded the 'tables' node on the left pane, I selected the first 3 tabs in the list.

      Then, i clicked on the 'Action' button for these high-lighted tabs & went to option constraints where i selected disable all.

      Only one table's constraints got Status=disabled while the other 2 which i selected were unaffected.

      Why can't we disable all types of constraints by selected multiple or all tables of a given schema in SQL Developer through the 'Actions' button??  

      • Is it because of any Disable precedence/order that is required?
      • Can this activity be done only with an alter DDL script?

      This also caused my session to hang & become unresponsive when i tried to highlight all tabs & disable all constraints on them.

      Do let me know if you'll have any solution/explanation to the above mentioned occurrence.