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    Multiple JMVs created by new plugin in Java 7and 8, not 6!


      We need to get a corporate application migrated to Java 7 or Java 8.


      It is currently running on Java 6 u37 with the next generation plugin enabled. Pages open sufficiently quick and reliably. There are pages with about 50 applets all communicating to create a rich user experience (like what more modern sites achieve using JS).


      When migrating to Java 8, we provided all necessary security settings to get rid of any warning dialogs or exception site listings. Its now runnung smooth, although slower than with Java 6.


      HOWEVER, when #applets exceeds like 8 or so, the plugin starts to create many JVMs and the page won't load. Both MacOSX and Windows7. Moreover, the many JVMs eat up the memory which means the browser must be killed. It is worse even with Java 7 u79 than Java 8 u45. We already tried the trick of rare and shared java-vm-args and java_argument settings. Doesn't really help.


      This is a REGRESSION bug ignored by Oracle since 2009.


      And it is an open issue within ORACLE: Bug ID: JDK-8021561 New JVM instance is launched starting an applet preventing applet communication


      Does anybody have an idea how the application can be migrated to Java 7/8?


      Does anybody know who within Oracle to contact to obtain support from. The customer is an Oracle customer, we are not. Thanks.

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          I may add that the Java console logs:


          "AppletRelaunch due to health"

          before attempting to create new JVMs. However, it gives no further reason and there is more than sufficient memory allocated per vm-args to host all applets within one JVM.

          I am particularly puzzled because that used to happen in early version of the next generation plugin but was sort of solved for later versions. Now the problem is re-emerging and with no solution I can see. Sad. Esp. as this is a rather large application.