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    Need help on design for 2 EBS environment with RAC

    Pritish Tiwari

      Hi all,


      We currently have 4 servers with 256 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD and 8 cores. Our requirement is to setup two EBS 12.1.3 environment with RAC DB. We want to leverage these 4 server to accommodate both EBS ( 2 application server with HA and 2 DB servers for RAC) since server configuration are quite high as concurrent users on each EBS will not be more than 200.


      So our problem is as below:


      Say we have these 4 server A ,B , C and D. We 1 create multi node instance, with DB on server A & B (RAC), and application on server C & D. Now if we want to install second instance, with same architecture on same servers what should we do/


      1) Use same grid infrastructure and create DB for 2nd instance in same cluster. (how?)

      2) Install another grid infrastructure and create totally another cluster for this instance.