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    FDMEE Java API call getPOVLocation(BigDecimal pLoadId)


      I'm having trouble converting FDM event scripts to FDMEE. Although I'm very comfortable with VB in FDM, I'm having difficulties with Jython in FDMEE. Specifically trying to use the Java API.


      I'm trying to use the getPOVLocation call in the AftExpToDat event script with no success. I've tried


      LocKey = API.getPOVLocation(BigDecimal (fdmContext['LOADID']))

      LocKey = API.getPOVLocation(BigDecimal(str(fdmContext['LOADID'])))


      even anticipating the next Loadid and hardcoding the value:


      LocKey = API.getPOVLocation(BigDecimal (123))


      None of these examples will execute.


      What am I doing wrong? Can you provide an example with the correct syntax? Thanks.