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    Related to instant client installation.


      Hi all,

      I already have oracle SQL developer installed in my machine which i use to connect and query my application's data base.

      Now, i am planning to create a tool which needs to interact with applications DB and for that i am planning to download instant client for creating ODBC connections.

      I have read somewhere that if a client is already installed, we shouldn't provide the instant client path too. also find a something similar like that as below:

      (from FAQ page of Instant Client):

      If you already have Oracle Client installed on your machine, then we recommend:

      1. Do NOT unzip or copy the Instant Client libraries to either of ORACLE_HOME/lib or ORACLE_HOME/bin directories, to avoid overwriting files and leaving the installation in an inconsistent state. In general, we recommend putting the Instant Client libraries into a separate clean directory.
      2. Do NOT put both the Instant Client directory AND the Oracle Client directory in the Library Path, regardless of ordering. Please use either one or the other in the Library Path (LD_LIBRARY_PATH or PATH, depending on platform), but not both, based on the version you wish to use.


      So, all I wanted to know is for oracle SQL developer to work, do we have Oracle Client directory in the Library Path? I don't have admin right until now in my PC and hence can't confirm all by my own.

      Also please let me know how can I proceed with instant client installation which should be used by my tool to interact with by application's DB without disturbing the SQL developer setup and working.