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    AME Purchase Requisition - Setups




      kindly request to know the setups required for employee / supervisor hierrachy - job based for purchase requisition in R12.


      Requirement : existing employee / supervisor hierarchy - job based  in purchasing r12 setup needs to be configured in AME.


      Questions :


      1) Do we need to create existing approval group limit defined in purchasing in AME as conditions ?

      Approval group contains - Document total,Account range include,exclude,category,location,item conditions


      if approval group rules needs to bought in AME

      do we need to bring all rules associated in approval group to ame ? or only document total is required in conditions



      2) Understand oracle has prebuild 10 levels of approval, if so why we need to bring all the approval group defined in purchasing.

         Beyond 10 levels what is the procedure to be adopted to send approvals


      3) what are the mandatory attributes to be set for supervisor level approval


      4) we have set the approval routing as hierarchy, suppose if we have set supervisor level as action ty