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    Application view to common view transformation


      I am new to the development in the OIC environment.
      I have been held up in developing one of my requirement. It would be more helpful for me if any one in this group can give me a solution.

      My Requirement is:

      My source application gives its output in the following format. (The application view ). It creates the XML file and puts the same in some FTP folder.

      File format

      I already have a pre-defined common format in the OIC environment. The format of this common view is given below.

      Common view format

      Now I need to do a mapping (or transformation) in such a way that each field in the application view should comes in as the record to the common view structure.
      The output of the common view should be something like the one shown below:

      Field name value
      field_01 <value of field_01>
      field_02 <value of field_02>
      field_03 <value of field_03>

      Thanks for your help and time.
      Suresh T
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          The only correct way to do this is to use Workflow or BPEL as intermediate application (publish to WF or BPEL (IC can) and then subscribe recipient to answer from them).

          In WF or BPEL you can use XSLT transformation (in Workflow we write our own one in PL/SQL, based on standard XSLTRANSFORM DB function) to transform one multy record XML document to many XML documents.
          And publish results (many XML documents) in cycle.

          Also you can try write your own custom transformation (in java) - we try this way too, but this is much more harder and there are some limitations.