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    Oracle Apps Access from External Application


      We have a requirement to access Oracle Application pages (R12.1.3) (Eg AR Customer OAF page / Ireceivables Account page) from external Application using a Link.

      I am not sure about the best way to achieve this with available tools in ERP side.

      The process flow will be like - From External Application once you hit an Link a new IE page (jsp or anyother)  should popup and does all user authentication/ Single sign on etc and redirect to either  AR Customer OAF page or Ireceivables Account page of oracle appliactions.


      The main requirement is to access iReceivables Home page from external Link .. we only have employees user id in external application and same id in oracle apps.

      If SSO is implemented, and user try to access ireceivable home page,he shd be able to access it without even login in. ..

      Since there are lot of security options attached/enabled to iReceivables page its difficult to build any link as you suggested above ... https://<host>:<port>/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/xxx/xxx/xxx/xx/xxx/xx

      This link can be available within company network or may be outside (with DMZ server) ..

      Do you have any suggestion here or Any one did implemention on iReceivables using external link access.

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          You can use reverse proxy.


          Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Configuration in a DMZ (Doc ID 380490.1)




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            Thanks Bashar. This will be used in case of DMZ.

            We are trying to Create a Link in companys portal


            eg We are company ABC and we have our Internal Portal were we are creating a link called iReceivables

            -- You have a customer page in the portal where you have customer Number with you ..

            -- now as soon as you hit iReceivables , use the Portal user details and Bypass login for ERP, only for vaild erp users

            -- Then use portal customer number and display iReceivables Home page with Account Details page or Account Summary Page .

            Mean user can access thier iRec accounts directly from Portal link without signing into ERP again ..

            So any sample code/Logic to redirect the page to erp , then bypass login, then open account summary page in irec..



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              I do no have any sample code i but i know that You can  do it with customizing loginpage.  you will verify usename password and create a session.

              But this  is not supported solution.