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    ORDS 3.0 without Apex?


      Hi All,


      I have a general question regarding the ORDS. My environment is ORDS 3 plus Oracle 12c:


      1. I have read that you can use ORDS 3.0 without install Apex,  which means I can just install/config ORDS on the database level without installing Apex?

      2. If the answer to the first question 1 is yes, I believe once ORDS installed/configured, I can enable the ORDS on the schema level, I then can access it by url like this:



      I just did that and I can start ORDS successfully but the url(or even if I use http://server_host:port/ords/) give me 404 error. I have read several post here which was reporting the similar, but all are having Apex Installed.


      What I am trying to do is to enable some table level REST service so that other app/tools can use it to access the data there.


      Maybe my understanding is not correct and I do need to have the Apex installed?