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      I followed the Oracle EPM Standard deployment guide install on Windows Server 2012 R2. On my development machine beacuse we were not going to use a load balancer (Citrix Netscaler) I omitted the step Configure Logical Address for Web Applications on page 35. The base install deployed fine (Shared Sevices , Calc Manager etc) to an instance I called Foundation1. I then went to install HFM on the same machine using the instance name HFM1. All worked fine and the users are now testing HFM on


      For Production, we are going to use two servers so I also started to follow the Standard Deployment Guide for this. I did exactly the same steps as DEV, but this time added the Configure Logical Address for Web Applications and inserted a DNS alias I had created in advance as suggested in the guide This has a different IP address to the server and if I understand correctly Netscaler will be used to re-direct to this address eventually. Following this, nothing would deploy to the application server and the Configure Framework Services task under Reporting and Analysis also failed.


      Does anyone have any idea what I am not doing correctly?