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    Not displayed selected columns in Criteria Tab


      Hi everybody,


      I’m working in a maintenance project in OBIEE 11g, and there is an aspect in lots of analysis that I don’t understand properly.


      The point is that if I check criteria tab, in selected columns part columns that finally are not displayed are included. For example, I have a report where month, location, status and some other columns are included as selected (apart from the indicator, of course), but only status is displayed.


      Moreover, the whole set of selected columns is almost always the same as the set of filters, as happens in the example mentioned.


      So the question would be: what’s the function of not displayed selected columns? If I’m not wrong, we include in selected columns the ones that we want to display, and then have the option not to display some of them. The only advantage I see to this behavior is that we can force OBI Server to get data from specific aggregate tables, but on the other hand is supposed that the Server would otherwise use the most optimal aggregation table for each query.


      I would like to know if I could remove from selected columns the ones that will not be displayed, without facing any problem.


      Hope somebody can help me with these conceptual issues.


      Thanks in advance and regards,