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    Are the current ORDS installable available on OTN the latest production build for ORDS 3.0.0?

    Kiran Pawar



           I found it quite confusing, whether the current ORDS installables is the latest build for ORDS 3.0.0 or not?

           As I have all the 3.0 versions right from EA1 to Production Release as follows:


           Generally, the major + minor versioning is always in ascending order and if this is taken into consideration then the order should be:

      • ords.
      • ords.
      • ords.

           and hence ords. should be the latest release.

           I don't know whether this is typo or glitch while releasing 3.0 releases. Hence, quite confusing if I am using the latest production build for ORDS 3.0 or not.