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    OBIEE 11.9 - analytics ear changes effect on SAML2?


      HI All,


      We are trying to implement the SSO by using the SAML approach on j2ee App-OBIEE11.9 .


      In OBIEE11.1.9 -the Analytic s.ear modified compared to earlier versions of OBIEE(i.e OBIEE11.1.7) .We observed one more new project added into the analytic.ear in OBIEE11.1.9


      OBIEE11.1.7 -Analytic.ear have 3 different project as shown below






      OBIEE11.1.9 -Analytic.ear have 4 different project as shown below






      As part of SAML2 SSO implementations on (OBIEE11.1.9 )we need to modify the web.xml and weblogic.xml files .


      i.e We need to grant groups access to the Analytics application in the standard JavaEE way, i.e., by adding a security-constraint to any resource under the analytics web context in web.xml. Additionally, we must map the role name in the security-constraint to those groups in weblogic.xml.

      FYI :http://fusionsecurity.blogspot.in/2012/06/integrating-obiee-11g-into-weblogics.html( Saml2 sso Approach)



      We have tried to  modify the web/weblogic.xml files  under the analytic_WEB project and packaged as analytics.ear project.(On this approach , OBIEE styles not displayed on browser)

      Similarly we also tried to modify the web/weblogic.xml on the analytic_WEB1 project . issue still exist .(With this approach we are getting ..Signing ... message on browser)



      We would like to know any limitations on modification in web/weblogic.xml ? or  any limitations on SAML2 approach usage with OBIEE11.9 ?.


      Appreciate on inputs