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    Shopping Category and PO category Mapping - doesnt reflect the changes(Screenshots attached)


      Hello All,

      The Profile option POR: Autocreate Shopping Category and Mapping is set to Yes at site level.

      And the Shopping categories are created as the PO category description name at the time of PO category creation.

      Now we want to define new Shopping categories and remap the PO categories to them .

      (Screenshots Attached)

      I have created a new shopping category and mapped it to an Existing PO category by removing the previous mapping.

      I can see the changes from iProc catalogue administrator - Schema - Category Mapping screen.

      But when trying to search from IProc super user responsibility the shopping category is not coming up and the changes are not reflected.

      I have cleared the cache from Functional Administrator still cant see the changes.


      I have tried the other way around by mapping the shopping categories with PO categories when loading the Blanket Purchase agreements.

      This time I can search from Iproc user but cant see the changes in  iProc catalogue administrator - Schema - Category Mapping screen.


      Please suggest the steps to reflect the changes.

      Many thanks,