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    EBS Apps Mastery Questions?


      Hi all,


      I am taking some exam dump for ebs apps master guru?


      Can you check if my answer is good or better or best?


      Questions .

      1. How does it scale (increase in capacity) and how scalable can it go?

         All possible ways.you can add more servers/machines or more memory, cpu, disks, etc per server.machine

      2. Database, access tools and programming platforms supported.

          All ( e.g. java, .net, etc)

      3. Operating Systems supported.

         All ( e.g, unix, windows, etc)

      4. Software upgrade cycle (frequency, methods both in application and database)

         All ( e.g. you can do it yearly, or monthly or every 5 years, etc)

      5. User Interface (via web, via client software)

          All is supported (web, & cleint, etc).

      6. Security and Audit features (manageability and ease of manageability)

          Lots of security features and audit provided, internal and external ( Db audit, Db Vault, Network,etc)

      7. Backup and Recovery features

          Backup and recovery features are well in placed and tested (RMAN, Dataguard, etc)

      8. User reporting and query tools

          There are lots of tools avaiable both built-in and 3rd parties(ConcurrentManagers, BI, Hyperion, Excel4apps,etc)



      Please check if my answers will passing within your knowledge standards.

      Can you also help improve the answer or what is the better answer?


      Thanks a lot,