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    OO4O - disconnected from clients


      I have a VB6 application that connects to Oracle using connection pooling in OO4O 9. However, periodically, the code

      If oraDatabase.ConnectionOK = False Then
      Set oraDatabase = oraSession.GetDatabaseFromPool(1000)
      End If

      falls over with the automation error - the object invoked has disconnected from its clients on the If statement. Stepping to the next line (to redefine the object) causes the same error. This implies that the oraSession has disconnected.

      oraDatabase is an OracleDatabase class, oraSession is an OracleSession class.

      The application can be requesting 10s of 1,000s of rows and doing a lot of processing on them before needing to talk to the database again, or it may be simply waiting for a user to decide what to do.

      Why is this error occurring and how do I prevent it?