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    Workforce Data file load from FDMEE, Multiple Accts in columns


      Hi FDMEE  Experts,


      i want to load Workforce data which is coming in csv file from source system in following header format. so Except Employee, Entity and currency rest of the columns are account column (most of the are Smatist values). we were loading this file previousy using the rule file where we have defined accounts in rule file mapping and adding other application dimensions in data file.


      Employee IdentifierentityPeriodGradeBandEmployee's Expected Transfer/Termination
      Employee's Expected Transfer/Termination YearEmployee's Hire MonthEmployee's Hire YearEmployee StatusEmployee's Tax LocationAnnual Comp RateCurrencyEmployee's Target Bonus PercentFTEHeadcount

      Now te issue is:

      1- How can i process so many accounts in FDMEE, probably by adding dimension accoun Account in Import format ?

      2- There is no seperate data column, all data is coming in repectivs Account columns.

      3- 12 periods are also coming in rows instead of columns


      Please suggest i any one got any idea about it, much appreciated..