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    Password in file "connections.xml"

    nicolas G



      I automatically generated connections.xml file to import my database. For this, I use a script. It works fine and I can well collect various information necessary to connections.


      However, I have a problem to import passwords.


      I tried these two solutions:


      <StringRefAddr addrType = "password">

      <Contents> $PASSWORD$ </ Contents>


      <SecureRefAddr addrType = "password">

      <Contents> $PASSWORD$ </ Contents>


      But the password is not recovered when launching sqldeveloper. Yet, it is well informed in the connection.xml file in the right place.

      I guess that is an encryption problem and that the tags are not suitable.


      Indeed, passwords that I recover are "in clear" and unencrypted.


      How can I solve this problem?


      Thank you.