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    How to fix auto expand bug


      Hi Team,


      I have been seeing this issue since 4.0, just reproduced the issue in 4.1.1 after many frustrating times with 4.1. here is the scenario:


      I edit complex packages day to day, where "Collapse Procedure Declarations/bodies" is my favorite features. The problem is that as soon as I type "(" it automatically expands. That means I loose track of what I was doing and I have to manually scroll to my cursor. This is annoying if not frustrating. Please help.


      How to repro:

      1. open any package in sql developer

      2. right click on the left bar, then select "Collapse Procedure Declarations/bodies". Code folding is fine no issues.

      3. Now stat an if condition

           if (

      4. That it the entire package unfolds.